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MVP D-Carb Balance Pellets

MVP D-Carb Balance Pellets
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* Supports healthy glucose metabolism to maintain proper blood sugar levels
* Contains the minerals chromium and magnesium
* Probiotics support healthy digestion while antioxidants support a healthy immune system

Provide your horse with minerals and other nutrients necessary for nutritional support. Horses that experience insulin resistance (IR) are often on restricted carbohydrate diets, so the inclusion of nutrients usually found in carbohydrates, such as calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, and trace minerals, are essential. In addition, horses with IR may need to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

D-Carb™ (Balance) contain magnesium and chromium, minerals that work together to support glucose metabolism in order to help maintain proper blood sugar levels within a normal range. In addition, magnesium supports healthy muscles and vascular structure, which supports hoof health.

The antioxidant chromium, along with Vitamin C, Vitamin E, zinc, and selenium support a healthy immune system, important for horses under stress, such as when they're showing, traveling, or competing.

Other vitamins contained in D-Carb include Vitamin D, essential for normal calcium absorption, and B-complex vitamins, which help drive enzyme activity to break down food and nutrients for the body to use. B-complex vitamins also help the body respond to stress.

D-Carb also contains the direct-fed-microbials (probiotics), which support healthy digestion, vital for the proper absorption of nutrients.

D-Carb Pellets are easy to top-dress on your horse's daily ration or serve alone. Includes 2 oz measure. Directions: Adult Horses (900-1,100 lbs): Provide 2 ounces twice daily.

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