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Syn-Biotic EQ™ Pellets by Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals

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Syn-Biotic EQ™ Pellets by Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals
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* Supports a horse's healthy digestive and immune systems
* 4 key ingredients: yeast culture, direct fed microbials (probiotics), beta-glucan, and D-mannose
* Feed just 1/2 oz per day in maintenance for a 900 to 1,000 lb horse - up to 160 servings per 5 lbs!

Syn-Biotic EQ contains concentrated levels of four key ingredients that help support healthy digestive and immune systems in horses. Yeast culture, directed fed microbials (probiotics), beta-glucan, and D-mannose support healthy gut/digestive integrity and healthy immunity in adult horses. Syn-biotic EQ is great for maintaining microbial balance after a course of antibiotics or during times of stress.

How the key ingredients work
Yeast culture supports digestion and absorption of fiber (hay) and starches (grains). Direct-fed microbials (probiotics) support healthy digestion and intestinal integrity and support the growth of beneficial bacteria. Beta-glucan provides healthy immune support. D-mannose (MOS) encourages normal gastro-intestinal growth of existing beneficial microorganisms (lactobacillus), acting also as microbial nutrient source.

(Enclosed measure approximates 1 oz based on density of product)

Adult Horses (900-1,100 lbs):  
Maintenance Provide 1/2 ounce daily
Stress Periods Provide 1/2 ounce twice daily

Please click on "More Information" for complete ingredients and other label information.

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