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English Tush Cushions from Cashel Company

English Tush Cushions from Cashel Company
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* Tush Cushions for most English saddles make extended time in the saddle much more comfortable
* Engineered to keep you feeling great, these saddle cushions will not collapse, flatten, bunch up, slide around, or hold in heat
* Choose the English Tush Cushion thickness - 1/2" or 3/4" - that suits your unique needs and preferences

CashelCashel English Tush Cushion, designed to fit most English saddles, is carefully engineered to make extended time in the saddle much more comfortable. This cushion will not interfere with your balance and seat in the saddle - it will simply keep you feeling great as you ride. Tush Cushion's thick foam will not collapse, compress excessively, or bunch up underneath you. Plus, it will not absorb or hold in heat, keeping you cooler and happier while in the saddle. Adjustable nylon straps hold your Cashel English Tush Cushion firmly in place, preventing the sliding and shifting problems experienced with other seat savers.

Measures 31" wide x 33" long.

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