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PowerFlex® No Chew Bandage

PowerFlex® No Chew Bandage
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* Bitter taste helps prevent biting, tearing, and chewing of bandages to protect wounds
* Controlled compression bandage will not constrict
* "The Ultimate Bandage" has strong, 23-lb tensile strength

Keep your horse from biting or tearing at bandages. PowerFlex No Chew Bandage is coated with a bitter taste horses hate, so they'll leave the bandage alone. PowerFlex No Chew is self-adhesive and may be used for support or to protect cuts, abrasions, and other wounds.

Non-slip PowerFlex No Chew Bandage gives a controlled compression so there's no constriction. Since it has 23 lbs of tensile strength, it's strong and durable, yet flexible enough to conform to all body areas. PowerFlex No Chew Bandage is sweat and water-resistant, will not stick to skin or hair, and is breathable. It is quick and easy to apply - no scissors are needed; simply remove the amount you need and tear by hand.

Note: Bitter Bandages are safe for horses, pets, and humans. They may, however, leave a residue on your hands after use. Gloves are strongly recommended.

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