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Drs Foster & Smith Product  Drs Foster & Smith Product 

Premium Equine Hoof Health

Premium Equine Hoof Health
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* Helps support hoof health and normal hoof growth
* Contains 30 mg of biotin, plus patented mineral complexes, key amino acids, and yeast culture
* Highly palatable and easy to feed pellets

Hardworking horses are constantly exposed to environments that can harm the hoof. Support and maintain your horse's hoof health with Premium Equine Hoof Health. This daily supplement supports healthy hoof growth and strong, crack-resistant walls. It is ideal for all classes of horses, and it contains biotin, amino acids, a patented mineral complex and yeast culture. It is offered in highly palatable and digestible pellets that you can easily add to feed. Contains stabilized rice bran.

Feeding Instructions: (Enclosed scoop holds approximately 6 oz)
Feed 6 oz per day for 6-8 months, and then change to a maintenance level of 3 oz per day. If the problem persists, resume giving 6 oz per day. Serving based on a 1,100 lb horse. Adjust amount given according to body weight - more for large horses, less for smaller horses, ponies, or foals.

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See our Hoof Care Supplements Overview for benefits of ingredients common to hoof care supplements.

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