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Focus WT by Source, Inc.

Focus WT by Source, Inc.
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* More than just calories - contains micronutrients for your horse's whole health
* Unique blend includes probiotics for healthy digestion and nutrient absorption
* NASC seal

National Animal Supplement Council

FOCUS by SOURCEGive your hard-to-keep horse a broad spectrum of micronutrients with specialized nutritional support for keeping or gaining weight. Certain horses seem to need more than good feed management and parasite control to gain weight or maintain it under stress. Extra calories may just not be enough. A good horse weight management program includes: quality hay and grain with protein and carbohydrate levels appropriate for the age and demands of the horse, a balanced calcium/phosphorus ratio, an effective parasite control program, fresh water at all times, free access to salt, and a good dental care program. If you're doing all you can to keep weight on your horse and it still isn't working, Focus WT may help. Focus WT is a unique formulation of broad-spectrum support nutrients including enzymes, beneficial microbes, B-complex vitamins and chelated trace minerals in an organic, highly bio-available form. Palatable alfalfa blend. 1-1/2 oz scoop included. For horses.

Suggested Use: Mix 1-1/2 ounces (one scoop) per day per 1,000 lbs. body weight, with feed.

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Unique blend of micronutrients targeted for hard-keepers
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