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LubriSyn Hyaluronan Joint Supplement

LubriSyn Hyaluronan Joint Supplement
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* Clear, tasteless oral liquid supports joint cushioning and lubrication
* Delivers the active ingredient, hyaluronan (HA) into the system faster than a powder or pill
* Ideal joint support in horses with results in as little as 7 days

Support supple, lubricated joints, so your pet can stay active in his senior years. LubriSyn is a liquid oral joint supplement made of hyaluronan (HA), found naturally in normal joint fluid (the viscous substance that cushions and lubricates your joints). This oral supplement is easily absorbed and can be added to food.

LubriSyn supports healthy joint function and helps maintain consistent levels of HA in the blood and synovial fluid. The hyaluron in LubriSyn is extracted from a non-animal, microbial source, resulting in a high molecular weight purified hyaluron (which most closely matches the HA found naturally in the body). LubriSyn is recommended for daily supplementation in horses.

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Container Size # Doses
per 1,200 lb horse
8 oz 16
16 oz 32
32 oz 64
1/2 Gal 128
1 Gal 256

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