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Ball Feeder by Shires Equestrian

Ball Feeder by Shires Equestrian
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* Durable toy feeder helps alleviate boredom and encourage natural foraging
* Great stress relief in the stall or confined areas
* Assists controlled feeding by releasing a small amount at a time


Redirect the destructive behavior that can result from boredom and confinement. Ball Feeder by Shires Equestrian offers a physical and mental challenge that keeps horses stimulated and interested. The unique shape of the feeder makes it difficult for your horse to gain a mouth grip, which prevents chewing damage. It features one hole, into which you can place small treats or a feed portion. When your horse rolls the feeder, food is released slowly, making it a great tool for slowing down greedy feeders (slower than bucket feeding). Also extends feeding time when you're cutting back portions.

Durable hard plastic construction lasts and lasts. 9" dia. Purple.

Ball Feeder can be used with horse treats like Jolly Goodies Apple Treats, pieces of Uncle Jimmy's Squeezy Buns, carrots or pieces of apple.

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Color: Purple
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