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Blocker Tie Ring II

Blocker Tie Ring
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* Blocker Tie Ring is a valuable tool for teaching young horses to tie up
* Helps prevent horses from breaking tack (and possible injury) when tied up
* Rewards horses for their positive behavior of yielding to pressure

Blocker Tie Ring IIThe Blocker Tie Ring II is a valuable tool in training young horses to tie up (or retraining a horse with a pull-back problem). When tied solid, horses often respond objectively by pulling back hard on their lead rope. When the rope doesn't give, they sometimes panic and pull harder. Some pull so hard that they break tack, which can cause serious injury to the horse and also damage to the stable. With the Blocker Tie Ring, some of the spare tie-up rope is allowed to move through the tie ring when the horse pulls, eliminating the force that can break tack and reassuring your horse that he is not "trapped".

Blocker Tie Ring II also lets your horse figure out for himself that the uncomfortable pressure on his neck, poll and withers (caused by pulling) is gone once he stops the pulling. So it uses positive reinforcement to encourage the correct behavior. Blocker Tie features a Mag-Lock that keeps the tongue of the tie ring in place. You can adjust the tie ring for how much hold you need: basic, medium, or maximum. Small, light and compact, the tie ring can be used anywhere it's safe to tie up a horse. Comes complete with quick snap, shackle, eyebolt and instruction booklet.

We recommend you use the Blocker Tie Ring II in a controlled environment, such as an arena or round pen. In addition to the Blocker Tie Ring, you will also need a long lead rope 10-12 ft long. The suggested length of lead rope between your horse and the Blocker Tie Ring II is approximately 3 ft. You may need more or less depending on your horse. We recommend the Blocker Lead with Popper.

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