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EQ Solutions Body Wash

EQ Solutions Body Wash
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* Easy and effective horse cleanser requires no scrubbing
* Leaves your horse's coat shiny, smooth, and moisturized
* Plant-based formula contains no soap, alcohol, or chemicals

Easily clean and condition your horse's coat with this all-natural, no-scrub body wash. Plant-based, anti-bacterial formula contains no soap, alcohol, or chemicals to dry out skin or burn eyes. Neutral pH also helps prevent skin irritation and hair damage. Helps give your horse a show-quality shine and velvet smooth feel. Simply spray the foamed cleaner onto the coat and let stand to emulsify and dissolve proteins, oils, sugars, dirt, and grime. Then rinse away and re-apply to soften and moisturize the skin and hair. Also helps prevent fungus, girth itch, and rain rot. Veterinarian-approved, environmentally-friendly, and professionally-endorsed. Contains approximately 100 washes. Use in any standard foaming tool.

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All-natural and chemical-free
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