Gateway G1000 & G1100 |Pressure Mount & Auto Close Pet Gates
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Gateway & Auto Close Gateway Pressure Mount Pet Gates

Gateway & Auto Close Gateway Pressure Mount Pet Gates
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* Pressure-mount gates cause no damage to walls or doorways
* Heavy duty steel construction with easy-care powder-coat finish lasts years
* Choose from one-hand operation G1000 or auto-close G1100

These extremely durable yet economically priced pet gates offer durable steel construction and a powder-coat finish that's easy to keep clean. Use in room openings and hallways to restrict pet or toddler access without interfering with adult traffic. Each gate fits openings 29" - 37" with the two included extensions and is 29.5" high. Optional Extensions let you expand the gates even wider. Bar spacing 2-5/8".

The Gateway G1000 Gate (White) and G1001 Gate (Black) offer a unique handle that integrates Pressure-Plus Technology, which forces additional upward pressure on the door opening to maximize gate stability after each use. They offer easy, one-hand operation and requires no tools for installation. Gate extends 29" - 37" wide; with maximum extensions, see below, gate expands to 73.5" wide.

The Auto Close Gateway G1100 Gate (White) and G1101 Gate (Black) have a two-way door and an auto-close feature. Their unique handle design applies Magnet-Lock Technology, a dual magnet design that automatically draws the door closed and guarantees it locks each and every time. They also include a Hold Open Feature to secure the door in an open position and suspends the auto-close function - allowing free traffic flow until it is pushed closed. No-tool installation. Gate extends 29"- 37"; with maximum extensions, see below, expands to 47.5" wide.

Downloadable Gateway G1000/G1001 Gate user guide PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

Downloadable Gateway G1100/G1101 Gate user guide PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

Extension Placement Guide

Size of Opening G1000/G1001 Extensions Required G1100/G1101 (Auto-Close Gate) Extensions Required
31.5" - 37" Included with gate Included with gate
37" - 42.5" one 5.5" extension one 5.5" extension
42.5" - 47.5" two 5.5" extensions two 5.5" extensions
47.5" - 49.5" one 12.5" extension NA
49.5" - 55" one 12.5" extension and one 5.5" extension NA
55" - 62" two 12.5" extensions NA
62" - 68" two 12.5" extensions and one 5.5" extension NA
68" - 73.5" two 12.5" extensions and two 5.5" extensions NA

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