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Hide N Sleep Alligator

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Hide N Sleep Alligator
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* Cuddly ferret toy nurtures your ferret's natural tunneling and hiding instincts
* Multi-function toy also doubles as a great nest-like hide-away for naps
* Hanging inner bell ball is a great way to promote audio stimulation

Adorable alligator-shaped ferret accessory offers hiding and sleeping fun and exceptional detail. Super soft, textured fleece fabric invites your ferrets to cuddle in for naps or rest. The head features sewn eye detailing and a 3-1/2" high opening and stays upright for easy inside access. Tail is hollowed out all the way to the tip so there is room enough for several ferrets to cuddle and play. Securely stitched details. Dry clean or hand wash. 19-1/2" x 7-1/2" high.

Ferrets - not to mention your pocketbook - greatly benefit from multi-function accessories. When you offer your ferret a toy that doubles as a nesting nook, or a tasty treat that also serves to quench a natural instinct, your pet accomplishes two tasks at once - just like when she's in the wild. The Ferret Hide-N-Sleep works to offer your pet both a fun tunneling and hiding toy, as well as a comfortable sleeping spot for rests between explorations. Great addition to any cage or environment. Or, use it as a fun accessory in the room where your ferret receives her daily exercise.

Ideal for ferrets or rats.

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