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Stokes Drink 'N' Bathe Water Feeder

Stokes Drink 'N' Bathe Water Feeder
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* Combination birdbath and waterer holds 64 oz of water
* Unique, easy to clean, birdbath utilizes gravity to replenish fresh water on demand
* Transparent material on reservoir makes it simple to see water levels

Provide water to birds to increase your success rate for bringing birds into your yard. All birds need water for drinking and bathing, and offering a water source will not only help your feeder birds, but will also attract bird species normally not be attracted by seed or suet. Place combination waterer and birdbath near your bird feeders to provide easy access for birds.

Durable plastic combination waterer and birdbath has a wide mouth so it's easy to fill and clean. Shape of reservoir glints in the sunlight, attracting birds to the refreshing water. Drinking/bathing basin features a non-slip surface with varying levels so birds of all sizes can drink easily. Simply unscrew reservoir to fill or clean. Attracts all birds. Feeder is 8" dia x 13" high with a 1" high basin. Reservoir holds 64 oz. Includes S-hook for hanging. For more hanging options, use Bird Feeder Chain.

Did you know? Feeding Birds is the leading outdoor hobby and over 52 million Americans feed birds and wildlife around their home.

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