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Oxbow Hay & Grass

Oxbow Hay & Grass
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* High-quality fiber source recommended by veterinarians for your rabbit, guinea pig, or chinchilla
* Helps your pet meet his specific nutritional requirements and keeps his digestive tract functioning properly
* Feed a variety of grass hays to offer your pet a better dietary balance

Feeding for the Cure

Western Timothy is a great source of fiber, which is critical to the health of rabbits and small animals. Western Timothy is a high fiber, low protein hay which helps keep the gastrointestinal tract of rabbits and small animals functioning properly. Good health depends largely upon high fiber consumption. Western Timothy is the #1 recommended hay by veterinarians for the health of your animal. This should be fed free choice daily.

Orchard Grass has a sweet smell and taste your pet will love. High in fiber and low in protein to support the health of your pet. Orchard Grass can be fed free choice just like Timothy Hay, in fact, it is best to feed a variety of grass hays to give a better balance of vitamins and minerals.

Oat Hay is a companion forage that is similar in nutritional analysis to the Western Timothy. Your animals will love the immature oat grain that is attached in the head and will benefit greatly from the fiber in the leaf and stem. Oat Hay can be fed free choice and is a good source of fiber and also gives variety to your animal's diet. It also makes a good bedding alternative to wheat straw.

Botanical Hay is a rich blend of herbs united with Oxbow's Western Timothy Grass Hay to stimulate your pet's appetite for hay and create a relaxing getaway in your pet's habitat. The fragrant herbs enhance the aroma and taste of the hay, which provides long-strand fiber necessary for your pet's digestive health. Every bag is hand-packed, quality-assured and guaranteed to meet the nutritional needs of your pet.

Alfalfa Hay is a high-fiber legume hay, which offers young rabbits the same long-strand fiber found in grass hays, but with more protein, energy, and calcium. Perfect for young or lactating animals that need extra nutrition.

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