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Probiotic Boost Kit

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Probiotic Boost Kit
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* Easily add probiotics to any pond fish food to enhance digestion and boost nutrient absorption
* Probiotic powder coats pond fish food with beneficial bacterial cultures
* Omega-3-rich Menhaden fish oil ensures powder adhesion to fish food

Probiotics (beneficial bacteria) help your koi, goldfish, and other ornamental pond fish absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from their food. This, in turn, helps maintain your fishes' overall health. Our Probiotic Boost Kit, with 200 grams powdered Probiotic Supplement and 4 oz Menhaden fish oil, lets you easily add probiotics to any fish food.

The Probiotic Supplement includes the strains Bacillus subtilis and Aspergillus oryzae. Each ounce (28 grams) of Probiotic Supplement powder contains at least 25 billion cells. To ensure that your pond fish food becomes thoroughly coated with the Probiotic Supplement, use the Menhaden fish oil included in your kit. Simply add a small amount of this high fat, vitamin-packed oil to your fish food before adding the probiotic powder. This helps ensure that the powder stays on the food so your fish ingest as much as possible.

The Probiotic Boost Kit treats up to 440 pounds of fish food, but can be used at a much higher inclusion rate, if desired.

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