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ecoxotic Inline LED Dimmer

ecoxotic Inline LED Dimmer
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* Easy-to-install inline dimmer for controlling aquarium LED lights
* Turn rotary dial for simple flicker-free control of LED intensity
* Maximum 60W dimmer capacity allows control over multiple LEDs

ecoxoticControl LED brightness for aquarium lighting schemes you never knew existed! Ecoxotic Inline LED Dimmer makes unprecedented control over LED aquarium lighting as simple as turning a dial. Once the dimmer is connected between the transformer and your LED light, simply turn the dial to your desired brightness. Shed new light on your LED aquarium lights with adjustable intensity control.

Upgrade your Ecoxotic Stunner LED Strips or Panorama Pro and RGB Panorama Pro LED Modules with dimmable control. Ecoxotic Inline LED Dimmer is compatible for use with ANY Ecoxotic or Current brand LED light, 12 or 24 volts up to 60 watts max. Dimmer is also compatible with most 24-hour timers and can also be used as a simple on/off switch.

ecoxotic Inline LED Dimmer boasts impressive flicker-free control. Compact and easy-to-use dimmer is great for adjusting LED light effects or for coral photo-acclimation. Dial down your high intensity LED lights and gradually increase the intensity to acclimate corals over time. Use multiple dimmers for independent intensity control over different LED strips.


*Use of additional 3-Way Splitter and 24 Volt, 60 Watt Wall Transformer may be required for multiple LED setups.

Downloadable Inline Dimmer Manual PDF.
(Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later - get it here for free)

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Please click "More Information" for tips for acclimating your corals to LED lights using the ecoxotic Inline Dimmer.

Invaluable tool for LED coral photo-acclimation!
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