Aquarium LED Lights: Current USA TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights
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Current USA TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights

Current USA TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights
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* Linkable LED lunar lights for supplemental aquarium lighting
* Recreate natural moon light cycles to aid spawning in aquariums
* Energy-efficient, high power LEDs great for viewing aquariums at night

Let energy-efficient LED moonlight cast new light onto your aquarium at night. Current USA TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights create realistic moonlight for spectacular nighttime views. Brilliant, energy-efficient lighting system uses less than one watt of power making it a smart choice for complete 24-hour aquarium lighting. Install TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights to canopies, hoods and aquarium light fixtures with ease using included adhesive and mounting hardware. For optimum coverage, link multiple Lunar Lights inside your canopy. This LED works best as an accent in freshwater or marine aquariums.

Requires 12V Power Supply (Mfg# 1670) for operation, sold separately. 12V Power Supply with 36" cord can power multiple TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights using the optional 3-Way Splitter Cable (Mfg# 1671). 3-Way Splitter Cable can link and power up to 12 TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights. Each sold separately. Each linkable TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights measures 1-7/8" x 1/2" x 1/4" high and includes LED lunar light with 6" linking cables, mounting tape and mounting screws.

Current USA TrueLumen LED Lunar Lights are available in two color spectrums to enhance nighttime views in freshwater and marine aquariums:

  • 453nm Actinic Blue casts a mysterious nighttime glow over your tank creating a viewable nocturnal environment while providing all the benefits of a lunar light.
  • 12,000°K Moon White emits a natural white light that replicates the glow of a full moon. The crisp white light casts a "moon-glow" over your tank creating a beautiful nocturnal environment.

Color Spectrum LED Specifications Max Power
453nm Actinic Blue
(Mfg# 1663)
(3) 453nm Actinic Blue 0.25 watts
12K White (Mfg# 1644) (3) 12K White 0.25 watts

Did you know?
Research studies have shown that using rhythmic moon luminance is very helpful in spawning captive animals.

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Environmentally Friendly Product

Eco-friendly products support your efforts to care for your aquarium and aquatic life with a "green" approach letting you take care of your aquarium while taking care of our planet, too.

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