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The Anxiety Wrap® for Dogs

The Anxiety Wrap® for Dogs
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* Help your fearful, nervous, or anxious dog become calmer
* Help your shy dog feel more secure and confident
* Easy-to-put-on wrap applies constant pressure to aid in calming your pet

Put an end to your dog's fear of thunderstorms and other stress-related behaviors with the Anxiety Wrap. The snug fit of the Anxiety Wrap applies light but constant pressure over your pet's body to help reduce stress and aid calming. It's like a persistent "hug" enveloping your pet. Anxiety Wrap was also designed to target specific acupressure points. Extensive research was put into its design and lightweight fabric, for ultra comfort, flexibility, and freedom of movement - key factors in eliminating any stress from the wrap itself. And, Anxiety Wrap costs less than one trip to your veterinarian!

Because Anxiety Wrap works to end root causes like fear, nervousness, and anxiety, it can help lessen or end behaviors such as thunderstorm fear, unwanted jumping, excessive barking, whining, hyperactive pacing, destructive chewing, travel anxiety, leash pulling, and other undesirable behaviors. Use it during training sessions, too, because calmer dogs are better focused, which can result in faster learning.

Anxiety Wrap is easy to fit and includes front head opening so you can slip it easily over your pet's head. Also includes front leg openings, belly flap, two rear leg straps (Awareness Straps), and an open rear end for elimination ease. Black.

How to Select the Right Size Anxiety Wrap

  1. Measure your dog's chest in inches and select the correct size below.
  2. If your dog's chest girth is one of the numbers listed for 2 different sizes, use your dog's weight to select the size.
Size Chest Size Weight
(guide only)
Toy 13"-14" 5-7 lbs
Toy Plus 14"-16" 8-11 lbs
Mini 16"-19" 12-16 lbs
Mini Plus 19"-20" 17-20 lbs
XXSmall 20-22" 21-25 lbs
XSmall 22"-25" 26-30 lbs
Small 25"-28" 31-40 lbs
Medium 28"-31" 41-58 lbs
Large 31"-34" 59-85 lbs
XLarge 34"-37" 86-95 lbs
XXLarge 37"-41" Over 96 lbs

Please click on "More Information" for general information, introduction and application instructions.

End thunderstorm fear - and more - with the Anxiety Wrap

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