Aquarium Hi-Lite LED Modules

Aquarium Laser System

The MiracleBeamâ„¢ Aquarium Laser System is the most revolutionary aquarium device in the world today. After years of testing on tropical fish (fresh and saltwater), the MiracleBeam Aquarium Laser System was developed to enhance the color, life span, disease resistance, and growth rate of all your tropical fish. MiracleBeam Laser reproduces a spectrum of the sun's natural light that is inherent in tropical and reef environments. The MiracleBeam Aquarium Laser System should be left on 8 to 12 hours per day for maximum effectiveness (may be left on continuously).

Miraclebeam Aquarium Laser System consists of (2) MiracleBeam Aquarium Laser Modules, (1) 120V Power Supply, and (1) Adapter (connection box) that can power up to 5 Modules.

Additional Aquarium Laser Module
The Additional Aquarium Laser Module emits a red, circular patterned laser beam for highlighting fish, bubbles, and aquascaping.

Aquarium Laser Treasure Chest Module
The classic opening and closing pirate's Treasure Chest with a spectacular laser shooting out from the inside. Module requires an additional air pump to activate opening lid.

Aquarium Laser Lighthouse Module
The ultimate aquarium decoration and the most spectacular laser module. This lighthouse has a revolving laser that shoots a beam around your aquarium and around your room. Requires an additional air pump to activate rotating mirror.

Hi-Lite Led System

The MiracleBeam Hi-Lite Aquarium Lighting System is the newest and most exciting concept in aquarium lighting today. You can use these super bright LED blights to light bubbles or spotlight aquarium objects. The Hi-Lite System comes with a green and blue module and other colors can be purchased separately. They may be left on continuously and will shine brightly for over 25,000 hours. You may plug up to 5 Hi-Lite Modules in the adapter box, which clips or uses suction cups to adhere to the back of your aquarium. Extra long cords allow the modules to be placed in aquariums up to 500 gallons with the cords running inconspicuously under gravel, rocks, and behind plants and decorations.

Hi-Lite Aquarium Lighting System consists of (2) MiracleBeam Hi-Lite Modules, (01) 120V Power Supply, and (10) Adapter Box that can power up to 5 modules.

Hi-Lite Led Modules
Bright, LED Modules allow you to spotlight areas of your aquarium. Available in 5 vibrant colors: White, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, and Orange.

Air Hose And Wire Mender
Keep your Aquarium Laser and Hi-Lite LED System wires and hoses organized with the Air Hose and Wire Mender. Secures up to 4 air hoses and 6 wires. Air Hose and Wire Mender includes suction cups.

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