Kordon Rid-Ich Plus

Contains: Formaldehyde (11.52% formalin) U.S.P. grade 4.26% and premium quality zinc-free chloride salt of malachite green 0.038%. Made in the U.S.A.

Use 1 teaspoon (approximately 5 ml) per 10 gallons of water. This produces a concentration of 15 ppm formalin and 0.05 ppm of malachite green. When used at the recommended concentration, 4 ounces of Rid·Ich+ will treat 240 gallons of water.

Suggested Treatment Procedures
The following procedures are suggested for both freshwater and saltwater systems. It is important to note that activated carbon will remove the malachite green component of the formulation. Formalin can also be removed somewhat; however, the amount is insignificant.

Treatment of Freshwater and Saltwater External Parasites
The following procedure is applicable when treating the diseased fishes in their original aquarium or pond:

  1. Remove any invertebrates you wish to save.
  2. Remove carbon and clean outside filter. Replace with clean mechanical filter media and return to use without the carbon.
  3. Perform a partial water change of at least 25%. Repeat water changes before each re-treatment with Rid·Ich+.
  4. Calculate the actual volume of water to be treated, taking into consideration the displacement of water by gravel, rock, and ornaments. (To calculate the aquarium's capacity measure its length, height, and width in inches, multiply these dimensions together and divide the result by 232. Your answer will be the amount of water in gallons.)
  5. Add 1 teaspoon of Rid·Ich+ per 10 gallons of water. This produces a concentration of 15 ppm of formalin and 0.05 ppm of malachite green.

Treatments may be repeated as often as every 6 hours (depending upon the severity of the particular disease and the tolerance of the diseased fishes). Treatment should be repeated no less than every 24 hours (see Step #3) and continued for at least 3 days beyond the disappearance of all signs of disease.

Typical treatments of freshwater ich will be six to seven days long (meaning six to seven partial water changes followed by re-dosing of Rid·Ich+). The actual time necessary will depend upon the particular disease, the degree to which the fish are affected, and how early the disease is detected and appropriate treatment started. Note: Failure to properly diagnose a given disease and failure to start appropriate treatment early enough will often result in the death of some or all of the diseased fishes.

After treatment, make a 40% water change.

Some situations may warrant the transfer of the affected fishes to a separate quarantine tank. If you elect to follow this procedure, the original aquarium or pond should remain devoid of any fishes for a period of not less than 4 days to ensure that any remaining parasites have expired. Carefully inspect the fishes prior to returning them to the original aquarium or pond to ensure that all signs of the infestation are gone.

Purposes and Benefits
Kordon's Rid·Ich+ is a combination of two powerful medications which have proven effective in the control of many diseases of freshwater fishes caused by external protozoan (single cell) parasites such as white spot disease, Ichthyophthiriasis, Costia, Trichodina, Chilodonella and saltwater external parasites such as Cryptocaryon and Amyloodinium. The medication can also treat fungal infections in fishes.

Rid·Ich+ is recommended as the best treatment for Ich (white spot disease). Efficacy is improved and the treatment time is often reduced when compared to treatment with either malachite or formalin alone. Additionally, the Rid·Ich+ formula utilizes the less common but also less toxic chloride salt of malachite green (this is the same salt used in Kordon's Malachite Green).

The recommended treatment concentration of Rid·Ich+ should be approached with caution, carefully observing the reactions of the treated fishes and ceasing treatment if any undue stress is noted.

The Rid·Ich+ combination in this formulation is relatively non-toxic for fishes, but may not be tolerated by certain invertebrates, when used as directed. It may be used for the treatment of "scaleless" fishes.

Be aware that some mormyrids (i.e. elephant noses) and freshwater stingrays may be adversely affected by Rid·Ich+. Rid·Ich+ is not recommended for use in aquariums containing invertebrates and may cause severe stress or death to certain species of these animals. If Rid·Ich+ must be used in aquariums containing invertebrates, tests should be performed to determine a particular animals' tolerance to this medication.

As with any medication, caution should be exercised whenever utilizing a chemical for the first time on a species of fish for which its tolerance is unknown. Always terminate treatments early (with partial water changes or filtration with granular activated carbon) if signs of undue stress occur. Do not treat fishes, which cannot be directly observed during treatment.

Kordon's Rid·Ich+ should not be used with any other medication. When used as directed, the product is safe for use in aerated aquariums and ponds or in recirculation systems utilizing biological filtration. Rid·Ich+ will not interfere with biological filtration. Do not increase the temperature in aquariums or ponds used for treatment, unless sufficient oxygen is assured.

This medication is not intended for use in the control of bacterial infections, flukes (monogenetic trematodes), or copepods. Rid·Ich+ is primarily for the control and treatment of diseases of freshwater and marine fishes caused by external protozoan and sporozoan parasites.

Rid·Ich+ is stable indefinitely in solution. It must be stored above 50°F (10°C) to prevent product precipitation. Do not freeze. Do not use Rid·Ich+, or any product containing formaldehyde that has been frozen. Keep tightly closed when not in use to prevent loss of formaldehyde.

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