Whisper Diatomagic

The Whisper Diatomagic filter makes diatomaceous earth filtration fast and easy.

The Whisper Diatomagic filter has been designed to do what a conventional aquarium filter simply cannot do - clear up and "polish" aquarium water which has become cloudy. Cloudiness of aquarium water is usually caused by a mass of extremely small particles which are suspended in the water. These particles are too small to be filtered out by normal filtration materials, such as polyester floss, sponge, or foam materials and activated carbon.

The Whisper Diatomagic filter, using a layer of diatomaceous earth as the filtering medium, can quickly filter out such microscopic particles. Within a very short period of time, the aquarium water will be cleared and "polished" to an extremely high degree of clarity. A small aquarium typically takes from a few minutes to half an hour to clear, and even very large tanks rarely require more than an overnight application.

The filter may be used continuously. However, the extremely fine pores in the diatomaceous earth will clog rather quickly with the normal dirt particles accumulating in an aquarium, and the filter will need very frequent cleaning.

Using the Whisper Diatomagic Filter

  1. Remove all coverings from the aquarium such as glass tops, hoods, etc. You can leave in place any filters or devices that hang on the back edge of the aquarium. Also, the water level in your aquarium should be no lower than 2 inches from the top of the frame in order for the Diatomagic filter to operate properly.
  2. Slowly lower the Diatomagic filter down into the aquarium water until it rests on the front edge of the aquarium frame. The "Diatomagic" name on the motor and quick reference instructions on the filter box should all be facing you. While lowering the filter into the aquarium, the intake door will automatically open and admit water into the Diatomagic filter box.
  3. With the swing-nozzle positioned towards the intake door, plug in the motor. Water should start flowing out of the swing-nozzle directly over the intake door.
  4. While the filter is running, prime the filter bag with Diatomagic filter powder by slowly pouring the contents of one Diatomagic filter powder packet into the filter box near the output stream of water.

    Helpful hint: To make powder flow more freely from the packet, add 1/2 cup of water to the powder packet. Close packet and shake gently. Pour mixture into the filter box.

    Take care not to breathe in any Diatomagic filter powder dust. Do not blow on any spilled powder but instead wipe it up thoroughly with a damp paper towel and discard.

    The water inside the filter box will turn from milky white to clear as the powder forms a coating on the filter bag. This process should take only a few minutes. Priming is complete when the water inside the filter box is completely clear.
  5. When the filter bag is primed as described in step 4, rotate the swing-nozzle so that the output stream of water flows into the aquarium. The intake door will immediately open to admit the "dirty" water into the Diatomagic filter box. Let the unit run like this for as long as it takes to "polish" the aquarium water. This could be as little as one half hour to several hours depending on the size of the aquarium and the condition of the water. For small aquariums, the swing-nozzle can be positioned over the wall to the filter box so that the output stream of water only partially enters the aquarium and partially recycles back into the filter box. In this way the flow rate can be controlled and excessive turbulence in the aquarium will be avoided.
  6. Should the Diatomagic filter become clogged with debris before the aquarium water has cleared completely, a new charge with Diatomagic filter powder may be necessary. Refer to steps 8 and 9 for cleaning the filter, then repeat steps 2 through 5. This may be necessary only in very large aquariums containing extremely cloudy water.
  7. If the water in more than one aquarium needs to be "polished," the Diatomagic filter may be moved to another aquarium without recharging it with Diatomagic filter power. Follow these steps:
  8. When filtration is complete, rotate the swing-nozzle back into the priming position so that the output stream of water again flows directly over the intake door. Unplug the motor and remove the Diatomagic filter from the aquarium. Carry the filter to a sink for cleaning.
  9. Remove the motor and filter bag assembly and pour the water out of the filter box. Rinse the filter box out thoroughly with plain tap water, especially the intake door gasket. Do not use soaps or detergents.

    Remove the filter bag from the motor and bag holder. Rinse it thoroughly and reassemble. If the Diatomagic filter is to be re-used immediately, be sure that the power cord and plug are completely dry, and NEVER plug the unit into an electrical outlet while your hands are wet.

Caring for the Whisper Diatomagic Filter

After each use, rinse the filter box, filter bag, and bag holder under running water. Dry gently with paper towel and discard the towel.

Occasionally, the motor assembly should be checked and cleaned. Follow these steps:

  1. Remove the motor assembly from the filter box.
  2. Remove the filter bag holder assembly from the motor.
  3. Push in the lock button, lift and remove the swing-nozzle. Check that the o-ring is in good condition and replace if necessary. Unscrew the swing-nozzle tip from the swing-nozzle and rinse both parts inside and out with plain tap water. Do not use soaps or detergents. Make sure that all of the small holes in the swing-nozzle tip are unclogged, then screw the swing-nozzle tip back onto the swing-nozzle.
  4. Remove the bottom cover of the motor by depressing the two snap tabs on the bottom cover and pulling it straight down from the motor (the top cover is not removable). Remove the impeller from the bottom cover and rinse everything out thoroughly. Make sure that the impeller spins freely on its shaft. No lubrication is necessary. Be sure to rinse out the vertical water passage and check valve, and make sure that the check valve slides up and down easily in the passage.
  5. Dry everything off gently with a paper towel and discard the towel.
  6. Reassemble the motor by reversing the steps above.
    Note: Other than the care instructions above, any service needed for the Diatomagic motor should be performed by the manufacturer (Tetra/Second Nature). Do not attempt to repair any damage to the motor assembly other than to install standard replacement parts.

Whisper Diatomagic Filter Powder

Diatomagic filter powder is a highly refined grade of diatomaceous earth. Used correctly with the Diatomagic filter, it will clear up and "polish" aquarium water which has become cloudy. It is moisture packed to reduce dust and make pouring easier. Each packet contains one full charge of powder. Powder may be used in other filters that use diatomaceous earth powder.

  1. After hanging filter in desired location on your aquarium, place motor assembly into the filter box with the swing-nozzle pointing into the filter. Plug in the power cord.
  2. Add one packet of Diatomagic filter powder to the filter box.
  3. When the water in the filter has cleared, point the swing-nozzle into the aquarium. Aquarium water will become sparkling clear in minutes.

Warning: Powder is harmful if inhaled and eye irritant. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid breathing dust and contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, immediately flush with plenty of water. Consult physician if irritation persists. Contains crystalline silica, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Diatomagic Filter Replacement Bag

Prefolded for easy assembly, the Diatomagic Filter Bag can be rinsed off and reused.

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