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Portable Playstands
6 results

Parakeet Park for Small Birds

As low as $18.99
Let your bird climb, perch and swing for hours at this customizable playstand A durable choice with hardwood construction and a washable laminate base 100% safe FD&C colors add a colorful element to your bird's playtime Portable playground is ideal for room-to-room use or for travel, and you can customize it to become a favorite play gym. For under $20, ...
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Super Pet EZ Care T-Stand for Birds

As low as $84.99
Portable metal playstand provides birds a place to perch Safe perching area for birds during out-of-cage playtime EZ glide casters allow convenient transport of bird playstand Multipurpose playstand for birds boasts durable powder-coated steel construction. Super Pet EZ Care T-Stand offers birds the perfect place to perch during out of cage sessions. Whether playtime, training or during ...
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Caitec Toddler Series Play Gyms

As low as $19.99
Portable play gyms entertain birds with fun activities Perfect out-of-cage play center for parakeets and similar sized birds Base molding prevents scatter to keep bird playtime clean Keep out-of-cage playtime for parakeets clean, safe and entertaining. Toddler Series Play Gyms are inspired by popular play gyms for larger birds but designed for smaller, parakeet-sized cage birds. Challenging ...
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Acrobird Playground

As low as $44.99
Lively out-of-cage sessions keep cage birds happy, physically fit, and are the perfect interactive pastime for agile and inquisitive birds. Wooden Acrobird Playground is a portable activity center that transforms any room in your house into a hub of avian activity. Playground gives birds room to spread their wings and tackle challenging ladder configurations, a climbing rope chain, and a ...
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Cockatiel/Small Parrot Playstand

As low as $99.99
Pet bird playstand features multiple levels, ladders, cups, and toy hooks to keep your pet bird entertained Wipe-clean, powder-coat finish wears beautifully Roll playstand with ease for exciting new scenery that enriches out of cage playtime Multi-level metal Cockatiel/Small Parrot playstand is sure to help alleviate boredom and help reduce bad behavior. A variety of ladders, perches, and ...
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Cockatiel Court Playground

As low as $24.99
Ideal travel or room-to-room play gym for cockatiels and medium parrots Hardwood constructed playground features a washable laminate base for easy cleanup Assembles in minutes with no tools required Give your bird freedom to play anywhere in your home with this portable playground. Also ideal for travel use, and you can customize it with your bird's favorite toys so it ...
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