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Pond Water Testing Equipment
6 results

Portable Refractometer

As low as $42.99
Economical, lightweightEasily monitor your pond's salinitySame accuracy as the expensive models Koi enthusiasts know that a consistent low level of salt in your pond helps ensure a healthy slime coat, reduces stress, and fights disease. This optical device provides a direct reading of specific gravity and concentration of salt in your pond water. Measures 0-100 PPT salinity and 1.000-1.070 ...
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PondCare Pond Master Liquid Test Kit

As low as $17.99
Easy-to-use pond test kit for early detection and early correction Test 4 of the most important pond water parameters EZ-read results cards and instructions included for convenient testing of pond water Complete system for testing both tap and pond water. Contains four essential tests to protect fish from dangerous water conditions. Tests include: pH, ammonia, nitrite, and phosphate. Each kit ...
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Oase Bitron C UV-C Pond Clarifier

As low as $499.00
Powerful, self-cleaning UV-C pond clarifier features built-in flow control to ensure optimal performance. Oase Bitron C UV-C Pond Clarifier stands above conventional models featuring a clever self-cleaning design. Water flow through the UV unit continuously propels the cleaning rotor across the quartz sleeve to remove performance-robbing film and buildup, maximizing the cleansing effect of ...
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Laguna Skimmer Filter

As low as $149.99
Quality, heavy-duty pond skimmer filter priced right for you "Floating" weir door ensures pond skimmer operation even when water levels change Leaf/debris net lifts out for fast, easy skimmer maintenance Heavy-duty pond skimmer boasts professional features for do-it-yourself convenience. Laguna Skimmer Filter provides essential filtration for beautiful and healthy ponds and water gardens. ...
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American Marine Pinpoint Oxygen Monitor for Ponds

As low as $249.99
Maintain ideal dissolved oxygen levels for healthy pond fish and efficient biological filtration. American Marine Pinpoint Oxygen Monitor for Ponds provides a quick and accurate way to measure oxygen levels in pond water. Low or insufficient oxygen levels are detrimental to koi and other pond fish and can compromise efficient biological filtration vital to the overall health of your pond. ...
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seneye Pond Monitor System

As low as $169.00
Continuously monitor multiple parameters critical to pond health with unprecedented convenience. seneye Pond Monitor System revolutionizes routine testing with greater frequency, accuracy, sensitivity, ease, AND online support. If a problem is detected, customizable alerts are sent automatically via email and SMS (text message). PLUS, intelligent software lets you know how to fix the problem ...
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