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Pond Water Clear Care
8 results

PondCare EcoFix

As low as $27.99
EcoFix's unique, highly active strains of beneficial bacteria help clean and clear pond water, allowing you to see and enjoy your beautiful, healthy fish. It reduces organic pollution and increases the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water while creating and maintaining a healthy ecosystem in your pond. Reduces pond maintenance and is safe for all pond life. 16 oz ...
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GreenClean XTREME Liquid Bacteria

As low as $39.89
Liquid Bacteria contains 68 strains of highly concentrated beneficial bacteria to promote clean water Liquid Bacteria reduces ammonia, nitrites, and excess nutrients that cause odor Bacteria liquid concentrate also contains micronutrients for healthy aquatic life Minimize organic load and reduce odors in your pond as you lower the ammonia and nitrite. One-of-a-kind GreenClean XTREME Liquid ...
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Microbe-Lift Nite-Out II for Ponds

As low as $25.56
Liquid pond bacterial additive for effective biological filtration Naturally conditions pond water to eliminate toxic ammonia Promotes, stabilizes, and maintains nitrification in koi ponds Naturally condition pond water and decrease ammonia and nitrite toxicity. Specially formulated liquid solution contains select strains of the nitrifying bacteria Nitrosomonas, Nitrospira, and Nitrobacter ...
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Healthy Ponds Natural Pond Cleaner Dispensing System

As low as $114.99
30-day continuous-release water treatment The most cost effective way to clean, clear ponds Breaks down unsightly organic debris and sludge Keep your water clean and clear with this all-natural approach to pond maintenance. Its unique time-released system meters daily doses of bacteria and enzymes to break down unsightly organic debris. Convenient submersible dispenser works for up to 30 days ...
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PondCare Simply-Clear

As low as $9.99
Bacteria-based water conditioner quickly clarifies cloudy, murky pond water Breaks down sludge and maintains clear pond water for long term benefits Consumes phosphate and nitrate to minimize aggressive algae growth Unique bacteria-based pond clarifier quickly clears cloudy, murky water. Fast-acting formula clears pond water of organic and inorganic particles, breaks down sludge, and ...
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PondCare Pond-Zyme with Barley

As low as $17.99
Heavy-duty pond cleaner keeps pond water clean and clear. Concentrated blend of beneficial dry bacteria and barley start working within minutes to break down sludge and debris. Powerful enzymatic action prevents organic buildup that clogs pumps and filters to simplify pond maintenance. Naturally conditions water to help maintain a healthy balance in your pond or water garden. PondCare ...
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Clear Pond Pond Water Conditioners

As low as $19.99
Why settle for a dirty pond when you can enjoy a clear pond all year long? Clear Pond Pond Water Conditioners are formulated to address common pond water quality issues in a simple and convenient way. Use seasonally-appropriate formula to keep koi ponds and water gardens clean, clear and healthy. Made in the USA. 64 oz pond water conditioners each ...
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As low as $22.36
Naturally accelerate breakdown of leaves & other organic pond waste Create a cleaner pond environment and promote faster fish growth Seasonal bacterial formulas condition pond water all year long Jump start your pond in spring or condition throughout the winter All Microbe-Lift products are environmentally friendly, enhancing the work Mother Nature started. Microbe-Lift/PL creates a balanced ...
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