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Pond Water Bio Filter

Fish Mate Pressurized UV+Bio Pond Filters

As low as $319.99
These external pressure filters can be buried above or below pond level, and feature 3 different types of filtration to keep your pond water super clean and healthy. Water first flows by a UV lamp to clump algae, and is pushed through specially-developed sponge pads to trap particles, and finally passes through the SUPRA biological filter medium for ammonia and ...
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UltraKlean™ Biological Pressure Filters with UV

As low as $279.98
Biological filter is pressurized to make maintenance easy and provide a clean pond Bio pressure filter features high-output UV sterilizer with integrated electronic bulb-saver option Pressure filter with bio media allows unit to be backwashed in as few as 5 minutes Guaranteed to clear pond water! Give your pond life optimal water conditions and crystal-clear water you can appreciate. ...
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As low as $17.99
Multipurpose chemical filter media helps improve water quality and clarityHighly absorbent pads remove ammonia, heavy metals, phosphate, and moreCut to any size or shape to fit any pond filter Highly absorbent chemical filter media pads quickly and efficiently remove impurities, medications, and phosphate from pond water. Simply cut to any size or shape to custom fit any pond filter. Rapidly ...
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PondBuilder Inc. Serenity Waterfall Filter

As low as $127.99
Professional waterfall filter at a great, home pond owner priceInstall a beautiful waterfall that provides biological pond filtrationWaterfall filter naturally breaks down toxic ammonia in pond water Think you can't equip your backyard pond with a professional waterfall filter? With the PondBuilder Inc. Serenity Waterfall Filter, you enjoy the professional quality and dramatic effect of an ...
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TetraPond Waterfall Filter

As low as $64.99
Waterfall filter for ponds and water gardens up to 1,000 gallons Beautiful waterfall enhances aeration and biological pond filtration Extra-long spillway disguises filter easily - it virtually disappears in your landscape Boost biological filtration in ponds up to 1,000 gallons with a beautiful waterfall. This budget-friendly unit does double duty as an attractive waterfall feature and an ...
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Little Giant Pressurized Filter

As low as $139.99
Compact pressurized filter for ponds and water gardensBiological and mechanical filtration keeps pond water cleanTurn "grip-n-twist" handle for easy cleaning of pond filter sponge Ease of filter upkeep means peak pond conditions. The Little Giant Pressurized Bio Filter with "grip-n-twist" handle lets you clean your pond filter sponge without having to remove the filter lid. This time-saving ...
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Cobalt Prexo Bio-Pressure Filter

As low as $259.99
Italian innovation upgrades pressure filter design with multistage filtration AND greater ease-of-use. Cobalt Prexo Bio-Pressure Filter keeps pond water clean and healthy with little effort on your part. This easy-to conceal system can be partially buried for discreet, low-profile installation that preserves the beauty of your pond or water garden. Once installed, multiple stages of ...
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Laguna Pressure-Flo UVC Filter

As low as $279.99
High performance pressurized pond filter system with UV clarifierAlgae-clumping UV lamp and efficient bio-mechanical filtration keeps pond water clean and clearRevolutionary backwash system extends interval between pond filter maintenance Pressurized pond filter with integrated UV clarifier makes beautiful water gardens simple. Easy-to-install filter features algae-clumping UV lamp and ...
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TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure Filter

As low as $59.99
Enjoy cleaner, healthier ponds and water gardens with less effort. The improved TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure Filters employ advanced bio-active media that resists clogging, even after extended periods of pond filtration. Distinct open profile media boasts large surface area for beneficial bacteria. The result is highly efficient biological filtration that effectively breaks down toxic ...
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PondBuilder Crystal Falls Waterfall Filter

As low as $175.99
Waterfall filter for improved pond water quality and clarity Provide efficient biological filtration and pond water aeration Dramatic waterfall display supports a healthy pond environment Tackle large do-it-yourself pond waterfall projects with ease. The PondBuilder Crystal Falls Waterfall Filter is priced right so you enjoy professional results without paying too much. Create a soothing ...
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