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Polymer Toy
5 results

Pas-A-Fier Horse Toy

As low as $19.99
Spinning toy for horses - relieves boredom Mounts in corner of horse's stall Releases a pleasant apple scent Reduce your horse's stall boredom with this entertaining toy. As horse nuzzles toy, center rotates and releases a pleasant apple scent. Raised nubs on surface of toy massage her gums. Helps prevent boredom that leads to destructive chewing and cribbing. Made from ...
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KONG Wobbler Dog Toy

As low as $13.49
Treat-dispensing toy and feeder helps prevent unhealthy gulping High-strength polymer toy wobbles, spins and rolls unpredictably Has a screw-off top for easy filling of dry kibble or small treats This treat-dispensing dog toy spins, rolls, and wobbles its way into your pet's playtime fun. The unpredictable action of the toy keeps the toy interesting, even for seasoned users. An excellent ...
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Rings of Fortune Bird Foraging Toy

As low as $15.99
Foraging bird toy engages your pet bird's natural instincts For multiple skill levels - you can adjust the toy's degree of difficulty for your bird Durable bird toy is made from shatter-resistant polymer to withstand the toughest of birds Brainteaser bird toy challenges your bird to solve the puzzle before retrieving her treat. Your bird will learn to spin the ...
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Foragewise Parrot's Treasure Bird Toy

As low as $12.99
Foraging puzzle toy challenges pet birds to work for their reward Encourages your bird's natural foraging instincts Shatter-resistant polymer construction withstands the toughest chewers Reward your bird's problem-solving skills. Teach your bird to unlock the keys to make the bottom drop and reveal hidden treasures. Simply load bird toy with treats and hang for your bird to solve (treats not ...
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House of Treats

As low as $3.99
Interactive foraging bird toy challenges your bird to chew through wooden dowels to get to treats hidden inside Satisfies your bird's natural chewing and foraging instincts Puzzle toy provides stimulating mental and physical exercise This challenging bird toy provides the foraging fun your pet bird needs on a daily basis. Your bird will learn to chew through the layers of ...
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