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Polyethylene Dog Supplies

4 results

Petmate Poly Wicker Bed with Cushion

As low as $74.99
Indoor or outdoor use pet bed Water resistant, easy to clean and mildew resistant Wire frame bottom provides continuous airflow A tough frame made of poly wicker makes this bed ideal for indoor or outdoor use. A powder-coated, wire frame bottom increases airflow and sturdiness. The zippered, poly-filled cushion offers water resistant polyester on the top and sides and poly ...
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Equine Scratchers by Two Fair Mares

As low as $35.99
Safe solution for relieving itch and increasing circulation/blood flow Durable polyethylene won't pull horse's hair and withstands nibbling Install on flat, round, or right-angle surfaces Let your horse relieve itch and express natural behavior without the risk for injury or missing hair. These polyethylene scratchers offer a safe outlet for his natural behaviors to help relieve itch and ...
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Organization for Bat Conservation Bat Houses

As low as $59.99
House for bats keep bats near, helping to control the mosquito population and the diseases mosquitoes transmit, like West Nile Virus Bat houses benefit bats, you, your family, communities, farmers, gardeners and the ecosystem Bat houses give bats an alternative to our houses, reducing the chance of human to bat contact Invite colonies of bats - up to 300! - ...
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Sky Cafe Bluebird Feeder

As low as $59.99
Attract bluebirds & orioles - keep robins, grackles and squirrels out!Mealworm tray is guarded by vinyl-coated wire cageSkydome's polyethylene baffle protects against weather & thieves Serve bluebirds and orioles the mealworms they crave while keeping out gluttonous robins and grackles. This ultimate weatherproof bluebird feeder offers sheltered, secure meals for bluebirds and orioles ...
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