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Polycarbonate Bird Pet Toy
7 results

Push/Pull Forager Bird Toy

As low as $10.49
Engage your bird's mind and beak for hours with treat toyHanging foraging toy challenges birds through three levelsEasy-clean polycarbonate bird toy withstands active daily play Your bird sees the treats inside, but can he forage out the puzzle's prize? The Push/Pull Forager Bird Toy engages your bird's intellect and instincts for healthy rewards and hours of fun. Fill the top ...
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Caitec Tug N Slide Tower Bird Foraging Toy

As low as $25.99
Birds will flex both brain and muscles to solve this perplexing puzzle. Tug N Slide Tower Bird Foraging Toy offers a workout sure to challenge mental and physical fitness. In order to retrieve the treat you provide, your bird must first slide the lever to the left to drop the treat to the second level. Then a slide to the ...
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Transporter Foraging Toys for Birds

As low as $1.99
Ultimate foraging challenge gives the shell game a brand new twist. Transporter Foraging Toys for Birds require your pet bird to successfully navigate the treat inside the clear thimble and drop it through the opening. Sounds simple but this task requires multiple steps that may push your birds problem-solving skills to the limits! Transporter Foraging Toys for Birds is a ...
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Crazy Cubes Treat Drawers

As low as $15.99
Fill this foraging treat toy with your bird's favorite food or treats for endless entertainment Challenging drawers make your bird work for her reward Helps eliminate boredom, which can lead to bad behaviors like feather picking and screaming Fill these polycarbonate, bird toys' cube-shaped compartments with bird treats for foraging fun. Medium Treat Drawers features three pull-out ...
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Foraging Ball w/Kabob

As low as $19.99
Interactive bird toy encourages foraging behavior Durable polycarbonate foraging toy is bird tough & dishwasher safe Great for conures and birds with big beaks! Give your smart bird a fun foraging challenge to boost mind and body health every day! Simply fill this hanging Foraging Ball w/Kabob with favorite treats, foods, Nutri-Berries, or shreddables, and watch your feathered companion enjoy ...
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Foraging Wheel Foraging Toy

As low as $18.99
Let your bird spin his own personal wheel of fortune to get the food or treats he adores. Simply load your bird's favorite fresh fruits, veggies, regular food or treats into the five compartments and watch your bird try to figure out how to get at them. When he does, he'll have his reward, stimulating his mind and keeping him ...
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Ball of Fun Foraging Toy

As low as $10.99
Challenge and stimulate your bored bird. Simply load your bird's favorite fresh fruits or veggies onto the upper stainless steel kabob, put your bird's favorite food or small treats inside the foraging ball, hang, and watch him meticulously remove them through the challenging food slots. Easy-clean polycarbonate construction lasts for years without signs of wear - it's virtually ...
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