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Pollys Pet Products Perch
7 results

Polly's Pet Products Dancing Perch

As low as $12.99
So, you think your bird can dance? Polly's Pet Products Dancing Perch features a flexible acrylic springboard that puts your feathered superstar to the test. Bouncing action of the perch allows your pet bird to "dance" with vigorous style. This innovative perch helps keep your bird physically and mentally fit PLUS provides great entertainment for the family! Polly's Pet Products ...
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Manu Mineral Perch

As low as $11.99
Manu minerals provide a natural source of calcium and other mineral supplementsMineral-rich bird perch is molded to look like irresistible ChollaProvides both additional roosting and chewing opportunities Manu Mineral Perch contains the same minerals in the identical concentration found in the Manu River's natural mineral-rich clay. Birds flock to this tributary of the Amazon River, and your ...
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Multi-Grip Flip Perch

As low as $7.99
Innovative pet bird perch with varied textures & multiple grip points Flip natural-looking calcium perch to exercise & condition bird's feet Mounting hardware allows versatile perch placement in your bird cage Give your birds a healthy leg up with realistic branch-like calcium perches. Cast to replicate the wide, rough grip of bark-covered tree branches, the uniquely designed Multi-Grip Flip ...
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Cuttlebone Calcium Perch

As low as $5.99
Edible perch offers a sensorysmorgasbord for birds. Roughtexture and irregularshape stimulate andgroom feet and nails whilebright neon color appeals to their keen vision.Made with real cuttlebone and 100% digestible groundcalcium in great fruit flavors. Mounting hardware included.Please specify Orange, Pineapple, or Strawberry. Large also available in Banana. Perch Sizing Guide Diameter ...
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Sandy Shower Perch

As low as $15.99
Multipurpose bird perch secures onto any smooth surface Conveniently install a bird perch on any window or shower stall Bird perch with oversized suction cups supports even heavy birds Transform any smooth vertical surface into the ideal location for a bird perch. Sandy Window/Shower Bird Perch provides perching pleasure for your pet bird whether you install it on a window, ...
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Condo with Perch by Beatrise

As low as $36.99
This compact condo gives kitty playful comfort in a small footprint that doesn't use up a lot of floor space. This perch is the ideal splurge because it features heavier-than-average construction, with thick carpet covering the condo and perch, along with thick sisal covering the scratch post. Cats can hide, play, and scratch on this unit, drawing attention away from ...
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Comfy Clam Flat Mineral Perch for Birds

As low as $6.99
Sensational seashell-inspired flat perch will have caged birds clamoring in comfort. Comfy Clam Flat Mineral Perch for Birds is the clam-shaped bird perch that maximizes bird foot comfort. Distinct perch design distributes your bird's weight over the entire foot to eliminate painful foot pressure points. Edible mineral perch with calcium and kelp offers a safe outlet to satisfy chewing ...
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