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Plumbing Supplies Ball Valves
8 results

Aquatic Micro Ball Valves

As low as $6.99
Mini ball valves for regulating air flow of aquarium air pumps Adjust airflow to air-driven aquarium devices with ease Also great for low-pressure liquid feed lines of aquarium media reactors Micro fittings for regulating air flow through standard airline tubing. Use Two Little Fishies Micro Ball Valves to adjust airflow into aquarium devices such as airstones, filters, protein skimmers, ...
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Float Valve

As low as $17.99
Replacement float valve made of high density plastic for PondFil Float kit. Can be used to automatically replenish evaporated water by connecting to 1/4" tubing and either installing in skimmer, or attach a Valve Support for pond edge use.
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Laguna Float Valve

As low as $14.59
Regulates the water level in your pond, and replenishes lost water automatically. Install at the side of your skimmer box, or connect into your water supply at pond's edge. It click adjusts to various settings, and includes 1/4" - 3/4" multi-hose adapter.
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FPT x FPT Swing Check Valve (Clear)

As low as $19.99
Premium aquarium swing check valves with female pipe thread fittings Install inline to prevent backflow and siphoning of aquarium water Aquarium swing check valves are pressure rated 150 PSI @ 73°F (75 PSI Back Pressure) Prevent potential damage due to back flow. FPT x FPT Swing Check Valve (Clear) offers aquarium hobbyist plumbing peace-of-mind by preventing the backflow or siphoning ...
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Ball Valves

As low as $3.49
Barbed-end Aquatic Ball Valves regulate water flow through standard hoses used for devices like canister filters, pump return lines, protein skimmers, etc. Hose slips onto barbed end for secure fit in four sizes.
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Diverter Valve

As low as $12.99
Allows you to conveniently direct your pump's flow between two accessories: waterfalls, fountains, filters. Quick-twist shut-off makes switching flow easy. MPT connection.�
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Magnum Quick-Disconnect Valves

As low as $2.49
Disconnect valves are installed just above the filter to regulate flow or so the filter can be disconnected from the tubing. These valves allow you to seal off hoses so you can clean your filter without spilling water. Double valve stops water flow from both aquarium and canister filter. Also helps regulate flow from output side of canister. To shut ...
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Slip x Slip Swing Check Valve (Clear)

As low as $18.99
Prevent potential damage due to backflow. Slip x Slip Swing Check Valve (Clear) offers aquarium hobbyist plumbing peace-of-mind by preventing the backflow or siphoning of aquarium water. Install highest quality check valves on the return pump line or any place inline where you want to stop backflow. No metallic parts for reliable, corrosion resistant aquarium installations. Slip socket ...
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