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Plastic Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder
7 results

Reflective Red Bird's Choice Feeder

As low as $42.99
Attract more birds to your yard with color they enjoy and ensure squirrels and other climbing mammals or larger birds don't raid seed. Bright red hopper has perch that closes off feeding station when too much weight is applied securely locking down seed. Transparent plastic "windows" allow you to easily see when seed needs refilling. Baffle on bottom conserves spilled ...
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Small Panorama Bird Feeder

As low as $14.99
Birds dine from this feeder's circular perch at a number of angles (smaller birds straight on, and larger birds at an angle), so this feeder can attract a great variety of birds. Innovative feeder design lets seed dispense into the bottom tray, but stops dispensing once the tray is full. As birds empty the tray, seed is automatically replenished from ...
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Jagunda Feeder with Auger System

As low as $109.99
Squirrelproof wild bird feeder baffles squirrels from above and below Gravity fed, flow-through seed chamber holds up to 4 quarts of mixed seed or sunflower seed System comes with two pole options that break down for easy storage Large capacity, 5' 8" tall squirrelproof feeder offers seed to wild birds, not pesky squirrels. Oversized seed tray boasts an 18-1/2" diameter, ...
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No/No Forest Green Extended Roof Feeder

As low as $24.99
Basket style feeder with no wood, no plastic - no squirrel damage No assembly needed - ready to fill, hang, and enjoy Ideal for black oil sunflower , striped sunflower , safflower , peanuts , and more! Powder-coated metal construction is built to last Mesh feeders reminiscent of collapsible fishing baskets last for years. No wood, no plastic means no ...
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Squirrel Solutions™ Seed Saver 200

As low as $39.99
Weight-activated port shields lock out thieving squirrels, but lets birds eat in peace! Outer steel cage with beautiful leaf emblem design protects lightweight inner plastic tube feeder, and drops down over all 6 feeding ports at once when squirrels climb on. Locking top opens with the push of a button. Bottom attachment removes to double as a funnel spout for ...
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No/No Solar Lighthouse Finch Feeder

As low as $34.99
No wood, no plastic, no squirrel damage! Finch feeder is ideal for Nyjer Thistle Powder-coated construction is built to last Novelty solar beacon glows at night to add a charming, nautical touch Say "ahoy" to the flocks of finches that visit this metal Nyjer feeder. This beauty is painted black, white, and a touch of red, just like a traditional ...
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Squirrel-Be-Gone Feeder

As low as $23.99
Beautiful squirrel-proof feeder prevents squirrels from stealing seed or damaging feeder Squirrel's weight pulls cage down and covers feeding holes Holds 2 qts seed and attracts chickadees, nuthatches, finches, and more Beautiful and functional, the unique, weight-sensitive outer metal cage of this feeder is spring-loaded and closes off feeding ports when squirrels climb on, and the top ...
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