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Plastic Hopper Feeder
9 results

Red Barn Combo Feeder

As low as $26.99
Create rural appeal in backyard feeding stations with the Red Barn Combo Feeder. It holds mixed seed or sunflower seed in its hopper-style barn chamber, but the silo tube comes with interchangeable ports, so you can use either thistle or mixed seed. With lift-off tops for easy filling, the feeder can be hung by the attached cord or mounted on ...
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Outhouse Hopper Feeder

As low as $14.99
Hilarious outhouse is actually an economical way to feed birds all year. This hanging hopper birdfeeder is crafted out of lightweight plastic for strength and durability. A nature-inspired pinecone design on the raised wood-like side panels add to its whimsical charm. Natural slope inside bottom part of feeder diverts seed to openings. Large tray is great for perching or standing ...
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The Nuttery Hexihaus Suet Feeder

As low as $49.99
Beautiful architectural design melds with expertise in squirrel resistance to make a gorgeous, unique suet or seed cake feeder. Elegant and beautifully made, the Hexihaus attracts both birds and the human eye with its style. This feeder features thick-gauge wire outside with a wire hopper inside to hold up to six suet balls, six seed balls, or two standard suet ...
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Pinecone Hopper Feeder

As low as $10.99
Durable, easy-clean molded plastic has corrugated-look roof Neutral colors with embossed pinecone motif at the side looks good in any yard Clear acrylic sides let you see seed level instantly A long-lasting, economical way to feed birds all year. This hanging hopper birdfeeder is crafted out of lightweight plastic for strength and durability. A nature-inspired pinecone design on the raised ...
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2.5 Qt. Recycled Hopper Feeder

As low as $27.99
This recycled plastic feeder is not only economical but also durable enough to provide years of use. This hopper-style bird feeder features a bottom tray with lip that serves perching birds and those that prefer flat feeders. Recycled plastic tray with drain holes, plus wide roof, protect seed. Wide roof also offers birds respite from rain and snow. Acrylic sides ...
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Koi Kitchen®

As low as $59.99
Our most affordable hopper-style programmable auto-feeder! Battery-operated dispenser serves preprogrammed meals up to 4 times daily and holds 2.5 lbs of 3/8" diameter pellets Program frequency for reliable and consistent feedings Economical, easy-to-program pond fish feeder automatically dispenses food up to 4 times a day. Easy-view window shows food level at a glance. Runs on two "C" ...
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North States Village Collection Bird Feeders

As low as $24.99
Durable, easy-clean molded plastic design Hang or pole mount these whimsical habitats Clear acrylic windows let you see seed levels It takes a village to feed your backyard friends. You'll love these colorful feeders so much, you'll want the whole collection. Feeders have features you'll love. For instance, diverter inside each house guides seed to all sides. Acrylic level indicators ...
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Reflective Red Bird's Choice Feeder

As low as $42.99
Shining vermillion body of squirrel-proof feeder attracts birds in droves Hopper feeder features weight-sensing perch that locks down seed when larger animals try to raid seed Wild bird feeder has a huge, 10-quart seed capacity Attract more birds to your yard with color they enjoy and ensure squirrels and other climbing mammals or larger birds don't raid seed. Bright red ...
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Infinity Wishing Well Feeder

As low as $17.99
Though the well on this feeder is deep, there is always seed near the top. That's because this feeder has a unique design that keeps the seed consistently near the top of the feeder, even as the amount of seed declines. Simply fill with your birds' favorite seed blend. As the seed is eaten, the outer box of this feeder ...
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