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Plastic Dogs Lawn Care

7 results

Clipper Care

As low as $7.89
Help clean, cool, disinfect, and lubricate pet clipper bladesPrevent rust and razor burnAdd to razor life, saving you money and time Cool Care Plus - This five-in-one coolant, disinfectant, lubricant, cleaner and rust preventive reduces friction and smoothes the clipping action to prolong blade life. Perfect for use in pet and beauty shops, animal hospitals, veterinary clinics, and ...
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Soft Tip Pet Piller

As low as $2.99
Easy to use dosing instrument Quickly & safely administers medication to pet Slotted rubber tip can hold small pills & large capsules Created and used by veterinarians, this unique pill dispenser actually holds a pill, tablet, or capsule in the end so it stays there while you medicate your pet. It's easy to get into the correct place in your ...
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ProCare Liquid Bandage

As low as $14.99
Form a thin, waterproof bandage on minor cuts within secondsLiquid bandage is perfect for protecting minor cuts and nicksSimply wait till bleeding stops, apply Liquid Bandage, and it will form a hard barrier of protection Form a thin, flexible, waterproof bandage on the skin safely and easily with ProCare Liquid Bandage. Apply after you stop the bleeding; simply apply to ...
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ProCollar Protective Collar

As low as $13.99
Inflatable protective collar preserves peripheral vision Durable canvas jacket protects the inner air tube Lightweight, durable and comfortable collar won't scrape furniture or walls Help stop your pet from biting and scratching due to allergies, wounds, stitches, or post-surgery. A great, veterinarian-recommended alternative to a traditional Elizabethan or "cone" collar because it lets your ...
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ClotIt™ Blood Clotting Powder and First Aid Kit

As low as $24.99
Mineral-based powder stops bleeding quickly Does not stain and will not sting or burn Buy the powder alone - or included in a First Aid Kit for pets Versatile ClotIt Powder helps stop bleeding quickly. Use ClotIt if you've accidently cut your pet's nails too closely or for small wounds. Made from the mineral aluminum, this white powder is natural, ...
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Dual Head Stethoscope

As low as $6.99
Listen to the heart and lungs of pets with this professional quality stethoscope Dual head stethoscope features adjustable binaural chest piece Has one-piece flexible PVC tubing in assorted colors Listen with this dual head stethoscope to get the diagnostic information you need. It features a lightweight anodized aluminum chest piece; flat side is for general use, while bell-shaped side ...
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FURminator® Nail Grinder and Nail Clipper

As low as $5.99
High performance, easy-grip tools keep pet nails trimmed to perfection 2-speed grinder features LED light for easier, safer trimming Stainless steel clipper with nail guide ensures a clean cut at safe cutting depth Untrimmed nails can cause discomfort to your pet and damage to your home. Keep them trimmed every 3-4 weeks with professional tools that let you do it ...
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