How to Catch ZZZZZ's with a New Kitty
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Jane Dobson was tired. She adopted a cat, named Pickles, from the shelter, but little did she expect that he would be keeping her awake at night because he wanted to play. Jane soon became frustrated from her sleepless nights and called us for a solution.

Our veterinarians explained that most cats sleep for nearly two thirds of their lives. Unfortunately, most of this takes place during the day, because cats are naturally nocturnal. Additionally, cats enjoy the company of their owners and tend to "wake up" in the evening when their owners get home from work to spend time with them.

Here are a few suggestions our veterinarians gave to Jane:

...zzZ If Pickles tries to wake you at night, ignore him. Giving him attention of any kind will only add fuel to the fire.

...zzZ If possible, try to come home during the day to play with Pickles, even if it's only for a few minutes.

...zzZ When you get home from work or school, spend quality time playing with Pickles. Right before bedtime is another good time for high-energy play, but leave time for the cat to calm down before bedtime. The more you tire Pickles out, the longer he'll sleep during the night.

...zzZ Keep quiet toys out in another room. This way he can play without waking you.

Jane purchased a few toys and spent 20 minutes after work and before bedtime playing with Pickles. The midnight interruptions reduced dramatically. Her quick trips home during lunch seemed to help as well. Now, both Jane and Pickles are happy and well rested.

Encourage Your Cat to Play BEFORE Bedtime for YOUR Restful...zzZ's
Drs. Foster & Smith Cat furniture encourage cats to climb, hide, play, and scratch at sisal posts.
for Scratching
Puzzle box keeps your cat mentally active. Place toys or treats inside to reach, bat, and scoop out and occupy your cat's time for hours.
Toy Box
Sprinkle catnip on fish or mouse scratcher and your cat will return to scratch and play often.
Scratch Toys