Custom Rx Compound: Cat Case Study
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

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Our licensed pharmacy can fill ALL of your pet's prescription needs (generic medications, too). Our Pharmacists... Love cats, own cats, and cater to cats. You can count on getting the prescription care your cat needs - and, if your cat has special needs, or is finicky about taking medicine - we'll even compound it for you into a tuna-flavored liquid your cat will love - at an incredibly low cost.

Case Scenario from Our Cat Customers
(Made-to-Order Prescriptions from Our Pharmacy Helped Their Pets)

Kimba - Abscesses
Cats that have access to the outdoors are susceptible to bites, stings, scrapes and wounds, which can lead to skin infections and abscesses.The Greens take good care of their barn cats, having them neutered or spayed, vaccinating them, and taking them in for veterinary visits when needed. They did, however, have one ongoing problem. One of their big tabbies, Kimba, was always getting into fights with the other cats. Kimba's spats often led to painful abscesses, which had to be treated with an antibiotic. The Greens found themselves spending a lot of time and effort going into their veterinarian to pick up a prescription antibiotic. To help save some office visits, their veterinarian gave them a prescription for a large amount, but the Greens panicked at the large bill.

Kimba was also very finicky and it was difficult to get him to take the necessary medication. They asked their veterinarian to call the antibiotic into our pharmacy, and after the Greens consulted with our pharmacy staff, it was decided that compounding the medication into a tuna-flavored oral solution would make administration easier. It worked. Now Kimba has a renewable prescription on file for tuna-flavored antibiotic. And the Greens can opt to purchase only as much as they need at a time.


Heartgard Chewables for Cats

Amoxicillin Oral Antibiotic

Compounding allows the pharmacist to prepare a prescription in an easy-to-swallow liquid instead of pills.Compounding Cost Comparison
Compounding is a custom formulation of your pet's prescription. Instead of getting a bottle of pills, you can get an easy-to-administer liquid. And even though this is a custom service we provide, it generally costs LESS! Visit our Licensed Pharmacy for ALL your pet's prescription needs.

What You Get When You Order From Our Pharmacy:

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  • Per-pill ordering so you order the quantity that best fits your budget and then order refills later

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