Supplementing Koi Diets
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Staple pellet foods are nutritionally balanced and should be the main food source for koi. However, their diets can be supplemented with a variety of treat options including fruits and vegetables. Since koi are omnivores that eat both meat and vegetable matter, these additions will be eagerly accepted.

With an abundant supply of fresh fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices, summer is the perfect time to offer koi something extra to eat. More importantly, summer is the main growing season for koi when they need to build their winter reserves. The extra nutrition and calories from fruits and vegetables encourage healthy growth and weight gain.

For a high-protein dietary supplement, consider freeze-dried foods such as krill and baby shrimp. Freeze-dried krill are very nutritious and full of natural vitamins, minerals, and are rich in carotenoid pigment for the added benefit of color enhancement.

The varied choices of supplementary treat options can make selection difficult, so experiment to discover new koi favorites. When feeding fruits or vegetables, cut them up into bite-size pieces to make it easier for your koi to eat. Be sure to remove any uneaten food immediately since leftover fruits and vegetables can rot and compromise water quality.

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