Traveling with your Dog: What to Bring
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Traveling with your dog; What to bring Just because you and your pet are on vacation does not mean that you can slack off on good nutrition and exercise! You have worked since the beginning on fitness for your pet - vacation is not the time to stop! So, how do you make sure your pet continues a healthy lifestyle even when you're away from home?

Here are a few tips:

  • Measure out only enough of your pet's food needed for the time you're on vacation. This will ensure that your pet does not get more than his allotted amount.

  • Make sure that the food is in a re-sealable container; there are many convenient travel dishes and water bowls available. That way your pet can't root his way into the food when you're busy driving!

  • Bring along some healthy treats like our biscuits or Healthy Snax┬« Sweet Potato Dog Treats. Don't succumb to giving your dog an ice cream cone every time you have one!

  • Don't forget the leash and collar. Make a plan for exercising with your pet every day - even if it is only for 15-20 minutes. Both you and your pet will benefit from the added activity. Throw a ball, go for a walk.

  • Provide boredom-halting toys for your pet - rawhide bones, squeaky toys, and a ball to fetch if you'll be able to safely let him run somewhere.

You and your pet will fare better on your trip with less boredom, the right nutrition, and plenty of fun activity.

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