Healthy Treats Buyer's Guide
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Puppy chewing on an all-natural biscuit Each year, more and more pet owners are taking advantage of positive changes in the pet food industry. Many of the unnecessary, and sometimes undesirable, ingredients once used in pet treats are being replaced by more natural alternatives. Pet owners and pets alike are reaping the benefits of these healthier alternatives.

The caveat: not all manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon. Many still make treats and biscuits with ingredients we consider off-limits, like chemical additives. In order to make sure your pet is getting a healthful treat, read the label carefully.

Make sure it has:

  • No artificial colors.

  • No artificial flavorings. Quality ingredients have enough flavor of their own.

  • No artificial preservatives, including BHA, BHT, sodium nitrate, and ethoxyquin. Look instead for natural preservatives like citric acid, rosemary, and Vitamins C and E. (Vitamin E is often labeled "mixed tocopherols" on ingredient lists.)

  • No added sugar, corn syrup, or salt.

You want to keep your pet healthy, so why not make sure his treats are the healthiest they can be?

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