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Dog Beds: Dog Beds by Drs. Foster & Smith
Dr. Race Foster and Dr. Marty Smith promise you quality pet products, at low prices, delivered right to your door.

Your dog's comfort is an important investment. That's why we craft each Drs. Foster and Smith Brand dog bed with such quality, you're guaranteed you've made a choice that will far outlast mega-store discount impulse buys.

We invite you to discover for yourself what type of careful craftsmanship we'll put into your dog's next dog bed. We may offer dozens of dog beds to choose from, but our dedication to your dog's comfort will always be a common thread.

Dog beds built to last
Browse through our dog bed selections to view our latest assortment of fabrics and stylish colors. Remember, optional personalization on many of our dog beds can turn an already special bed into something very personal. We have several monogram font styles and thread colors to choose from.

And, as always, when purchasing any Drs. Foster & Smith item, we guarantee quality, value, and exceptional service from start to finish.

Drs. Foster & Smith Quilted Super Deluxe Dog Bed

When it comes to quality, we'll never sacrifice a stitch. We hand select the best mattress materials and construction methods - which means your new dog bed will outlast any other "pet store" model. When your bed arrives, you'll immediately notice the quality touches, which set our products apart from the pet store aisles.

Baffled Polyfil

Baffled Polyfil:
Tube-baffle design is sewn together and overstuffed with our MiracleLoft high-loft polyfil made from recycled soda bottles. Baffles prevent polyfil from balling up and create a uniform sleep area from edge-to-edge.

Orthopedic Foam

Orthopedic Foam:
Medical grade orthopedic foam creates maximum comfort and support that bounces back nap after nap. Available in 2-1/4", 4-1/2", or 5-1/2" thickness depending on personal preference, size, and age of dog. Reduces wear on pressure points like elbows and hips.

Plastic ID Nametags - Laser Engraved

MiracleLoft® Polyfil:
High-loft polyfil made from recycled soda bottles to be thicker and springier than ordinary polyfil. Created through a special bending process to produce extra fullness and support - up to 4X fluffier than our competitors'.

Ultra-Soft Plush

Ultra-Soft Plush:
Wrap your dog in warmth; these fabrics also grab hair and keep it off your floor and furniture.

Poly/Cotton Twill

Poly/Cotton Twill:
Comes in a variety of colors and styles that won't shrink.


High denier nylon: 10X more durable than cotton. Tear-resistant. Repels dampness and moisture.

Microfibre Suede

Microfibre Suede:
Even the messiest friend is no match for this ultra-soft, fade-resistant fabric that flexes an iron shield whenever stains or soils are around.

Dr. Race Foster & Dr. Marty Smith

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Know that any dog bed with the Drs. Foster & Smith logo has been designed exclusively with your pet's comfort and your satisfaction in mind.