Quarantine Tanks: The Benefit of Aquarium Kits
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Eclipse 12 Hesitation towards having a quarantine tank often stems from not understanding why you need one, and from the thought of having to purchase (and maintain) yet another aquarium.

Quarantine tanks are a necessity for all hobbyists, but those who actually have one are in the minority. By using a small aquarium kit, quarantine tanks do not have to be complicated or costly.

Small aquarium kits are affordable and come equipped with integrated filtration systems, allowing easier setup and maintenance. These features make aquarium kits like the Eclipse 12 the ideal quarantine tank for fresh or saltwater purposes.

Requirements of a Quarantine Tank
A quarantine tank should be kept simple and will require the basic elements of your main aquarium: a filter, lighting, and a heater. An integrated aquarium system such as the Eclipse 12 or Nano Cube will only require the addition of a heater. Substrate is not necessary, but some type of shelter is needed to provide a sense of security to minimize stress on your fish. For freshwater quarantine tanks, artificial plants and a few aquarium decorations will serve this purpose well. For saltwater quarantine tanks, a few small pieces of live rock will offer shelter as well as additional biological filtration.

Tiger Oscar in Quarantine Make sure that water parameters – pH, temperature, and specific gravity for saltwater fish – remain identical between your quarantine tank and the main aquarium. A thermometer and a test kit are crucial to ensure optimal water parameters. Using water from your main aquarium to fill your quarantine tank is a timesaving method to achieve identical water parameters. New arrivals should be quarantined for at least two weeks. Document water parameters, observations, feeding habits, and treatment on a calendar or a notebook.

Don’t wait for an outbreak of disease to realize the importance of a quarantine tank. Avoid preventable losses with aquarium systems like the Eclipse 12 or Nano Cube as your quarantine tank.