6 Wild Ways to Tantalize Your Indoor Cat
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The outdoors is full of danger - cars, fights, diseases, and more. As a result, indoor cats live more than five times longer than those with an outdoor lifestyle. That's why an increasing number of cat owners are choosing to keep their cats indoors.

Your cat will be healthier and happier close to you. Give her a bit of yourself each day.

6 Wild Ways to Tantalize Your Indoor Cat

  1. Activity Centers - Cat trees, play furniture, and beds provide privacy for sleep, tall places for climbing and observation, and scratching posts and toys for stimulation. Available in a range of colors, styles, and options to fit your d├ęcor, and the needs of your cat.

  2. Treats - To keep her alert, break up your cat's routine. Place her food and water bowls in different locations every so often. Stash delicious treats around your home to reward your pet for a good hunt. Provide an occasional catnip treat for some energetic fun and excitement.

  3. Window Perches - Install a window perch to afford your cat a warm place to nap in the sun, and a "birds-eye" view of the outdoors.

  4. Play-Alone Toys - Your cat will enjoy hiding and stalking natural toys like the soft furry mice. The Peek-A-Prize Toy Box tantalizes your cat's instinct to hunt!

  5. Play-Together Toys - Cats find the fluttering, natural feathers of Da Bird toy, absolutely irresistible.

  6. Runs - If you do want to let your cat outside, the Happy Habitat mesh cat tent sets up quickly and protects your cat, allowing her to enjoy fresh air, watch birds, and bask in the warm sunshine.

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