How to Bathe Your Dog
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Bath-Time Success: Surefire Stratagies Has your pet ever slipped away from you at bath time? Did she shake off next to the sofa and rub the suds out on a good rug before you caught her? If so, the following tips will help ensure she not only stays put during the next bath, but also that you both have a more pleasant experience.
  • Prevent escapees
    Use a pet tub, like the Scrub-A-Dub Dog Tub with a leash hook or restraint to gently hold your pet in place, freeing your hands to massage in the shampoo. A non-slip bath mat helps keeps them in place, too.

  • Select the right shampoo
    Resist the urge to use your shampoo on your pet. Drs. Foster and Smith Advanced Formula Shampoos are veterinary formulations proven successful to meet the unique needs of pets, whether they be itch control, moisturizing, scale removal, inflammation relief, or improved coat shine. Before shampooing, apply protective ophthalmic ointment to protect your pet's eyes.

  • Massage down to the skin
    Work the shampoo down all the way to your pet's skin to boost the effectiveness of the active ingredients and to help massage away loose skin and hair. The Rinse Ace Bath Mitt has nubbed teeth to get down deep into your dog's coat.

  • Rinse and dry completely
    At rinse time, use a pet sprayer, such as the Rinse Ace, to force water down deep, so shampoo rinses out completely to prevent skin irritation later. Keep the restraint attached as you towel dry your pet, then finish with a pet dryer at a cool setting.
The proper shampoo and conditioner, correct tools, and effective restraint make bath time more enjoyable, and less hectic, for you and your pet. Now, you're ready to groom.
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