Birdbaths, Cleaning Made Easy
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

A Clean Birdbath Keeps Birds Coming: Daily Maintenance Made Easy
Birds are unlikely to be found splashing and flitting about in a soiled, debris-strewn birdbath. A Clean Birdbath Keeps Birds Coming: Daily Maintenance Made Easy
They are, however, much more likely to frequent a clean birdbath. Make sure you're keeping yours suitable for visitors.

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Why Clean Your Birdbath?
Cleaning your birdbath is essential to the health and safety of your backyard visitors. Frequent cleaning helps prevent algae growth, disease transmission, and pesky mosquitoes from using it as a breeding ground. It also keeps your birdbath free of unsightly feathers, droppings, stains, organic buildup, and more.

You're Finished in a Few Minutes - Even Seconds
One way to keep birdbaths impeccable is by doing a thorough cleaning by hand. First, remove all of the existing water. Do not add harsh chemicals such as bleach to kill the algae. This will also harm the birds. Clean out your birdbath with a small scrub brush. For soiled birdbaths, use a mild detergent or birdbath cleaner along with your scrub brush. Make sure to hose out the bath bowl thoroughly afterwards, as birds are extremely sensitive to detergents. Then refill your bath with a fresh supply of clean water.

A simple method of keeping your birdbaths clean and safe between cleanings is to add Microbe-Lift Birdbath Clear. This all-natural additive takes advantage of bio-enzymatic activity to keep water free of organic debris that can cloud the water. It also keeps the bowl free of stains, mineral deposits, and scum.

It is a good idea to change the water in the birdbath on a daily basis. Simply hose out the old and refill the bowl. Since birds are drinking and bathing in the same water source, it is important you keep a fresh supply. It is especially important to keep an eye on the water level in the summer when evaporation causes the supply to decline faster.

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