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Give your cat's medications with ease cat receiving Transdermal Gel medication
Questions and answers from our Pharmacists

Animelts are melt-in-your mouth tablets that dissolve in seconds As a full service, licensed pet pharmacy, we're pleased to be able to offer custom prescription compounding to pet owners. Working with your veterinarian, our pharmacists can transform your pet's prescription into a variety of dosage forms not currently offered by drug manufacturers. With your veterinarian's approval, have an ordinary tablet turned into a treat, two medications combined into one capsule, or request a transdermal gel to apply easily to your pet's ear… our Chief Pharmacist is here to tell you more about the new options for you and your pet.

Chewables are treat base and flavored to your pet's preference. What is compounding?
Compounding is the customized preparation of a prescription medication using proven pharmaceutical compounding techniques. With a compounding prescription from your veterinarian, our pharmacy can take FDA-approved, USP, NF, or pharmaceutical-grade chemicals and compound them into the correct dosage and administration method for your pet. Compounding allows your veterinarian to prescribe a particular medicine, dosage form, or strength not commercially available; change the form of a medication in order to make administration easier; combine multiple medications into one; or flavor your pet's medication, making it more palatable.
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How can a compounded medication benefit my pet?
A compounded medication can benefit your pet in many ways. First, many commercially available medications may not come in the strength your pet needs. Sometimes drug manufacturers discontinue certain medications, strengths, or dosage forms and there is no human equivalent available for your veterinarian to substitute. Working with our compounding pharmacy, your veterinarian can prescribe the specific dosage and medication your pet needs, often regardless of commercial availability. Also, we can make the administration of a medication easier by changing the flavor or physical properties of the medication dosage form.
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Simply rub a pre-measured amount onto a part of your pet's body with little hair What if my pet is on multiple medications?
If your pet is on multiple medications, we can often compound them into one dosage form, making it simpler to administer your pet's prescriptions, and often, saving you money.
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What can compounding do for finicky pets?
We can prepare your pet's medication in a variety of flavors, including beef, liver, chicken, tuna, cheese, sardine, bacon, peanut butter, and many more. Your pet will think he's getting a treat rather than medicine!
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How do I find out if my pet's prescription can be compounded?
If you feel that your pet could benefit from having his or her prescription customized, please call or email our pharmacists to discuss your options. We are happy to discuss your pet's medication availability and dosage forms with you and give you alternatives. Then, you can discuss these options with your veterinarian, who can authorize the specific compounded prescription for you. As a licensed pharmacy, we are prepared to answer your questions and discuss compounding alternatives with you and your veterinarian.
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Compounded Close-up: Methimazole

Methimazole, primarily prescribed in the treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats, is only commercially available in tablet form, often making it difficult to administer to fussy felines. At the request of your veterinarian, our pharmacy can compound Methimazole into easier-to-administer forms, such as a delicious tuna-flavored oral suspension your cat will eagerly lap up from a dosage syringe, or a transdermal gel you can massage onto the hairless front tip of your cat's ear for absorption through the skin. You and your pet will appreciate the ease of administration of these pet friendly dosage forms, as well as the decreased stress imposed on your loved companion.

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