Compare Pond De-Icers
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Pond De-Icer Comparison Guide
  De-Icer Watts Features Diameter Cord Comments
Submergible Pond De-Icer with Guard
Pond De-Icer
with Guard
1,500 Powerful submerged
pond de-icer works
safely out of view
13" 10 ft Keeps ponds up
to 600 gallons,
free of ice
Tetra Pond Floating Pond De-Icer
Tetra Pond
Pond De-Icer
300 Decorative, faux-
stone housing.
10-1/2" x
15 ft Energy-efficient
controlled de-icer.
UL-Listed. Effective
to minus 20°F
Laguna Pond Winterizing Kit
Laguna Pond
Winterizing Kits
315 Complete pond
winterizing kit at a
package price
7" 22 ft Laguna Pond Netting,
Aeration Kit and
Power Heat Pond
De-icer are the core
products that ensure a
smooth transition
from fall to
winter and a
successful spring
Pond Breather
40 Reliable performance
even at ice depths
up to 15 inches.
23" x
15 ft Energy-efficient
de-icer works
like a chimney
to exchange
water trapped
under the ice
with freshly
surface water.
Laguna Power Heat 500W De-icer
Laguna Power Heat
500W Pond De-icer
500 Features a highly-
visible LED light
that indicates
proper function of
the unit.
7-1/2" x
22 ft Houses four thermo-
sensors that sense
water temperature
from different locations
within the unit. Accurate
thermostatic control even
in freezing conditions,
20º Fahrenheit
and below
Laguna Power Heat 315W De-icer
Laguna Power Heat
315W Pond De-icer
315 Power LED, safety
shut-off. Glowing
LED pilot light
confirms unit
functioning properly
7" 22 ft Safe for plastic
and liner ponds,
will not harm fish
and plants. Works
well with Laguna
Aeration kit
Convertible Pond De-Icer
Pond De-Icer
1,500 Versatile 2-in-1
pond de-icer you
use as a floating
or sinking unit
7-1/2" 15 ft Multiple thermostats
ensure accurate
activatin when pond
water temperatures
drop below 43ºF
and automatically
shuts off
at 58-60ºF.
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