Safe Toys for Home Alone Dogs
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Safe toys for home alone dogs

Rawhides, for example, are sloppy fun, but require supervision. Likewise, older plush toys may open up after many rounds of tug, exposing the plastic squeaker inside. When deciding which toys to leave out, think safety first, considering those that are least likely to shred, splinter, or otherwise pose a risk to your pup.


  • Rubberized Toys like KONG Toys are made of thick rubber to stand up to hours of safe chewing. These puncture-resistant dog toys are durable, safe, and fun.

  • Flavored Synthetic Nylabones borrow the shape dogs love, but won't splinter like real bones. Infused with real meat juices for great taste, they also prevent plaque build-up and massage the gums while helping relieve boredom. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, this may not be the best choice.

  • Interactive treat toys, made from high impact plastic, engage your dog's mind while you're away. The Tricky Treat Ball, for example, is designed so you can tuck treats inside that only come out when your dog nudges, paws, and noses them.
Safe toys keep his imagination active, discourage destructive behavior, promote dental health, and give you peace of mind. And with the variety and sizes available, it's easy to find a new favorite for that special place in the toy box.


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