Canister Filters: Selection Guide
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Filtration & Water Quality: Canister Filter Selection Guide

Canister filters are made for enhanced performance and convenience. Whether you're setting up a larger aquarium or simply wanting to upgrade your existing filter, the versatile and reliable nature of a canister filter makes it a great choice. Use the following chart to determine which canister filter is right for you.

Special Features
AquaTop AF Series
Self-Priming Canister
Filter with UV
up to 125 Up to 396 Unique soft touch controls and automatic priming eases filter start up and operation
AquaTop CF Series
Canister Filter
Up to 175 Up to 525 Smartly priced multistage canister filters - two models with integrated UV sterilization
Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T
Canister Filter
up to 55 210 Innovative 4-stage external aquarium filter with inline pump maximize space for filter media
Eheim Classic
Canister Series
66-159 116-264 Quiet, efficient performance in a compact unit
up to 80 127-185 Easy handling and setup for low maintenance multi-stage filtration
Eheim Pro 3
Advanced Canister
65-320 250-450 Extra large professional-grade canister filter, loaded with innovative features
Pro 3E
up to 185 396-490 Programmable canister filter blends electronic technology for a healthy aquarium environment
FilStar XP
Canister Filters
up to 265 250-450 Easy water shut-off and disconnect lever allows convenient filter maintenance
Fluval 06
Canister Filters
25-100 145-383 Increased hydraulic performance delivers the power to maintain strong flow rates through customized stages of mechanical, chemical, biological AND fine mechanical filtration.
Fluval FX6
High Performance
Canister Filter
400 925 Astounding 1.5-gallon media capacity filter with electronic Smart Pump Technology
Fluval G Series
Premium Filter
40-160 185-265 Ultra-advanced aquarium canister filter with electronic monitoring system
Hydor Professional
External Aquarium
UP to 150 Up to 345 Energy-efficient, silent-running performance with integrated priming pump for extremely easy startup
Marineland Magniflow
Canister Filters
Up to 100 Up to 360 Canister lid (motor head) with top sealing gasket for easy access to media baskets while maintaining a better seal
Multistage C-530
up to 150 160-530 Sleek canister filter with no by-pass design for thorough filtration
Ocean Clear
100-1,000 800-1,600 Advanced design and professional-grade components make cleaning and maintenance quick, easy, and convenient
Rapids Mini
Canister Filter
20 80 Compact canister filter excellent for smaller aquarium setups
up to 175 198-290 4-in-1 canister filter with mechanical, chemical & biological filtration - plus UV sterilizer
Sicce Space EKO+
External Canister
Up to 80 Up to 240 Fully adjustable in/out pipes with a 360-degree range of motion with flow regulator on return line for adjustable output flow

* = Upgrading to a Pro System provides excellent biological filtration

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