Field Training with Remote Collars
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Why Remote Training Collars Make Sense

Safe, comfortable, and effective remote trainers help control your dog off leash Remote training collars extend your range of control in the field beyond the check cord. As most trainers know, dogs need immediate positive or negative reinforcement in order to learn. Using a check cord enables you to provide this type of reinforcement to your dog. But once he's off the check cord, then what do you do? This is where remote training collars shine. When used properly, remote training collars enable you to provide the instant feedback your dog needs, even when he is far away from you. Recent advances in remote training collars have made it easier for both dogs and handlers to communicate more effectively, even in a live hunting situation.

There are many different remote training systems available to handlers today. A good model is the PetSafe 400 Yard and Park Trainer. This remote trainer offers reliable, easy-to-use basic features for controlling one dog. Some models offer integrated tracking beepers that can be controlled from the remote transmitter. Different stimulation types are also offered in addition to electrical stimulation.

With proper use of an electronic collar, your dog learns that he is in control of the stimulation he receives. He does not associate the stimulation with you. He associates the stimulation with his behavior. Therefore, he learns to control the stimulation by controlling his behavior. When used properly, the remote trainer eliminates confusion, helps your dog remain focused on his job, and more confident in you and your leadership. In other words, a happier, high-performance dog!

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