Foot Protection for Field and Active Dogs
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

Protect your dog's feet Running dogs in the field can be dangerous for their feet. Unprotected paws are subject to cuts, abrasions, bruises, and even frostbite. Too many days in the field can be lost because of damage to the dog's feet that could easily have been prevented with a pair of inexpensive boots. Boots such as our durable Aussie Dog Boots are available in all-weather or cold-weather styles. They protect the feet, pads and nails of upland dogs from sharp rocks, cactus, briars, ice, and snow build up. They protect your retriever's feet from ice, sharp underwater objects or those buried in the mud. For the best results, train or run your dog with them before field situations so the animal is accustomed to their use. A set easily fits in a pocket of your hunting vest to use in emergencies.

Boots are THE best choice for dogs walking on rough terrain. A topical conditioner may be used alone for dogs walking on less rugged terrain, in conjunction with boots, or for dogs with particularly sensitive feet.

Providing your dog with boots or any product to protect his feet will ensure that he is ready for a walk or a field day whenever you are. It may even translate to improved agility, speed, and endurance. And don't you want to give your canine companion all the comfort you can?