Pet Travel: Restraint Boosts Pet Travel Safety
Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

easily boost
with the RIGHT restraint
Travel Safety

Road trips with your dog - whether to your local grocery store or on a cross-country vacation - can be some of the best, most memorable times you'll enjoy together.

However, an unrestrained dog can be a serious threat to you and your passengers, distracting you or impairing your ability to drive.

Also, without restraint, your dog can get seriously injured during quick stops, sharp turns, and collisions. For your mutual safety, your dog should be restrained or confined at all times while riding in your vehicle. Thankfully, keeping your dog safe in your vehicle is as simple as selecting a restraint that fits his size and preferences, as well as your budget and vehicle characteristics.

For the best protection, we recommend restraining your dog in a travel crate, or a specially designed car seat or harness. Most dogs will become accustomed to these quickly. However, if your dog simply will not accept being physically restrained, vehicle barriers also work extremely well. Whichever restraint option you choose, never let your dog ride in the front seat where he can be injured by airbags.

Not sure which vehicle restraint you need? Use the chart at left to help you determine which product will best accommodate your dog's and your needs.

Once you've selected a restraint, you're almost ready to hit the road! Regardless of the length of your journey, you should outfit your dog with a collar and ID tag, should he accidentally get away from you, his name and contact information can bring him home much sooner.

Pet Booster Seats Car Seat/Carrier Bucket Booster Seat
How they work: Surrounds dog in soft, stable walls; built-in tether keeps dog safely in seat.
Sizes available 4 3 1
Sizes for dogs up to 30 lbs. 25 lbs. 20 lbs.
Made of All have poly fabric outer. Med, Lg, XLg soft-sided have faux lambswool or plaid interior. Jumbo has a rigid plastic core. Machine-washable 600-denier nylon, nylon mesh top Solid foam core covered with 600-denier nylon; quilted polyester microfleece interior
Installs Med, Lg, XLg hang from headrest and attach to seat; Jumbo sits on seat, attaches to seatbelt Sits on seat, attaches to car seatbelt Sits on seat, attaches to shoulder or lap belt
For any vehicle? Yes, with backseat headrests Yes Yes

Kurgo Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness Solvit Deluxe Vehicle Safety Harness Drs. Foster and Smith Safety Harness
How they work: Restrains dog in his own "seatbelt" designed especially to fit the canine body shape. Each attaches to existing car seatbelt.
Sizes available 5 4 5
Sizes for dogs up to 110 lbs. 120 lbs. 120 lbs.
Made of 1" nylon web straps,, all-metal hardware 1" nylon web straps, mesh-lined harness 1" nylon web straps, padded chest strap
Installs Includes a seat-belt loop Attaches to seatbelt Nylon loop connects to seatbelt
For any vehicle? Yes Yes Yes

Vehicle Pet Barrier with Door Vehicle Pet Barrier with Combo Legs Net Pet Barrier
How they work: Keeps your dog confined to the rear of your vehicle by adding a barricade behind vehicle seats. Best for dogs who simply won't tolerate being restrained.
Sizes available 1 1 1
Sizes for dogs up to Any Any Any
Made of Metal Metal Nylon micro-mesh
Installs Adjustable pressure-mount on vehicle roof and floor Adjustable pressure-mount on vehicle roof and floor Mounts between front-seat headrests with adjustable straps
For any vehicle? Yes Yes Yes